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Recently updated articles

Image Browsing for CKEditor

27 Nov 2018

CKEditor includes an image button so that images can be added to articles. However, to add an image, a user must type in the URL to the image. There is no browse facility.

But, CKEditor does allow third-party plugins to hook into the image properties window and show a browse button.

Having looked around, I found the following:

Remove from Marketing List using WebApi

20 Nov 2018

You can manage adding and removing contacts from Marketing Lists in JavaScript.

Reviewing the WebApi documentation showed that this can be done, but there was a contradictory article on an SDK page which stated that removing a record from a marketing list does not work in the WebApi and I had seen some posts also stating this to be the case.

I checked this and it seems that removing a record from a marketing list is supported in the WebApi.

Here is how I achieved both. In the sample JavaScript below, ensure that you set these variables:

Dynamics 365 Products

03 Nov 2018

Evolving article....

Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise
Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional
Dynamics 365 for Service, Enterprise Edition
Dynamics 365 for Service (second price point)
Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Enterprise Edition
Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, Enterprise Edition

Portal Solutions

16 Oct 2018

Dynamics 365 Portals are a complex beast to manage.

There are two parts to a portal: