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Field Service

01 Oct 2017
Date Event
01 Apr 2018

Microsoft will no longer support the legacy FieldOne Add-on (v5.x or earlier) after April 1, 2018.

01 Feb 2018

Microsoft will no longer host legacy FieldOne on Azure or AWS after February 1, 2018



Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deprecated

22 Aug 2017

Microsoft has announced that Dynamics CRM version 2016 will be the last major version of Dynamics CRM to be supported by the connector.

Finance and Operations, Business Edition Build Numbers

15 Aug 2017

To determine the build number for your installation, search for System Information. The build number is in brackets.

Document Management Entities

20 Jul 2017

Record types involved in Document Management

Entity Purpose
SharePoint Site A SharePoint site
Dcoument Location

Point to a SharePoint document library or folder.

These can be created automatically by Dynamics 365/CRM

SharePoint Site

SharePoint site records can use an absolute URL or a relative URL.