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Recently updated articles

Power Apps Per App

28 May 2020

The Power Apps per app Plan gives rights to 2 apps and a portal for one user. The two apps can be model-driven or canvas apps.

This can be a cost-effective way of using the Power Platform without having to buy a more expensive Dynamics 365 app such as Sales, Service, Project Service or Field Service.

For example, a business has a database of customers in Excel or Access, wants to use the CDS to store the customer data to get the benefits of Power Apps (model-driven and canvas) but doesn't need sales features such as opportunities and quotes.

Data Encryption Key

28 May 2020

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 introduces encryption of password fields in the SQL database.

Encryption is performed at the organization level and the keys are stored in the OrganizationProperties table in MSCRM_CONFIG. There are two rows for each organization. In each row the columns shown in the table below are populated.


Dynamics 365 Entitlements

28 May 2020

Entitlements replaced contracts in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement/CRM some time ago,

This article describes some scenarios I've encountered.

Date Coverage only

Looking at an entitlement form, the Allocation Type and Decrease Remaining On fields are business required. The only options for Allocation Type are:

  • Number of cases
  • Number of hours

The contracts entity template had a dates coverage option which meant that number of cases or hours was not relevant.

Custom Entity appears as read-only in the Unified Interface

12 May 2020

Just came across an issue where a custom entity appears read-only in the unified interface but read-write in the legacy interface.

Soon discovered this article which described my issue.

In summary, the Unified Interface is using a setting on an entity previously named Read-only in Mobile.

Unified Interface

24 Mar 2020

Transition Now to the Unified Interface - don't wait

Why do I have to transition?

Microsoft announces new deadline of 1st December 2020 in this blog and this article