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Fri, 2020 Feb 21

The Power Apps per app Plan gives rights to 2 apps and a portal for one user. The two apps can be model-driven or…

Sat, 2019 Dec 07

I had an error a while back when working on customizing a form. I'm documenting the resolution to remind me an in…

Sat, 2019 Dec 07

It seems that selecting more than 50 leads and then clicking Disqualify doesn't work. When I last…

Tue, 2019 Nov 19

Microsoft announces new deadline for removing the web client of 1st December 2020 in this…

Fri, 2019 Nov 08

Here is a list of events organized by Dynamics Communities


Wed, 2019 Oct 30

There are many settings in Dynamics 365 Online that can be changed via the PowerShell, such as this one,  …