Changes to View Searching

Submitted by feridun on Tue, 06/09/2020 - 08:14

A change (in April or May 2020) has changed how search works at the entity level, this might leave users confused.

From the early days, searching within an entity list (such as Active Accounts) used the filter criteria of the Quick Find view for the entity and the default filter criteria was:

Status equals Active

So regardless of the selected view, only active records would be searched.

During my customization training courses I would often ask students about this and many times I'd get the answer that the currently selected view was searched which, at the time, wasn't the correct answer. But, now it can be!

A system setting has appeared which controls the behaviour of entity searching. You can find it under Features or search for Search.

Or if you prefer the classic web interface

With the setting on (or set to Yes), search behaves as it used to, the filter criteria defined in the quick find view is used. If set to off (or No), then the currently selected view is searched.

The wording in the search box in the user interface shows which option is selected.

Comparion of text shown in the search box for a view