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Recently updated articles

Deleting teams in Dynamics CRM 4.0

06 Oct 2017

In CRM version 4.0, the web application does not provide an option for deleting teams. However, teams can be deleted using the web services.

You'll need to know the GUID of the team record. Here is sample code:

Revised naming convention for CRM updates

06 Oct 2017

Starting with CRM 2015, Microsoft has changed the naming convention for CRM updates as described in this article,

In the past we've had Update Rollups, Service Packs and various names for updates to CRM Online.

Privileges for Interactive Service Hub to show

03 Oct 2017

If you encounter this message when navigating to the interarctive service hub, you might spend a long time trying to find the answer as I did.

I eventually discovered that Read privilege is needed for System Application Metadata on the Customization tab of a security role.

Hope this saves you time hunting!


Field Service

01 Oct 2017
Date Event
01 Apr 2018

Microsoft will no longer support the legacy FieldOne Add-on (v5.x or earlier) after April 1, 2018.

01 Feb 2018

Microsoft will no longer host legacy FieldOne on Azure or AWS after February 1, 2018



Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deprecated

22 Aug 2017

Microsoft has announced that Dynamics CRM version 2016 will be the last major version of Dynamics CRM to be supported by the connector.