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Recently updated articles

D365 Focus - Oct 22/23 2019 - Brussels

16 Sep 2019

I'm delighted to announce that I'll be presenting at D365 Focus in Brussels this Oct 2019.

My topic is Back to Basics: Security in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

My presentation is on Oct 22nd at 9.30 CET in the CRM track, have a look at for details and the other sessions.

Dynamics 365 Portal tracking

05 Jun 2019

Dynamics 365 Portals include site settings for tracking logins and page view (though in a simple way only). However, these settings are now deprecated and we need to look to other methods.

From my research the method recommended by Microsoft is to use Azure Application Insights as described at Portal Deprecated Features.

Changes to storage costs for the Common Data Service

15 May 2019

Storage Costs for the Common Data Service

Starting April 1st 2019, a new pricing model is available for storage costs for the Common Data Service (this applies to PowerApps that use the CDS and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement plans and apps).

This article describes the "old" and "new" models.

Old Model

Under the old model, all storage is charged at the same price per Gbyte (USD $5 per Gbyte per month) regardless of the type of data that is stored.

Dynamics Portal Authentication

08 Apr 2019

This video by Dileep Singh has some useful information on portal authentication.

Portal Authentication Models

The portal authentication model will fall into one of the following categories:

Service Management Settings in the Unified Interface

04 Mar 2019

In the "classic" or "legacy" web interface, settings for Service Management are located at Settings | Service Management. The Oct 18 Business Application release notes announced that service management settings will be available in the unified interface in the customer service hub.

Three settings are still only available in the web interface: