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Affiliated Views

27 Jan 2012

When viewing a list of records e..g opportunities, within a form there is a view option called "all affiliated records".

To explain this imagine we are working with an Account record, ABC Ltd that has a number of contacts.

The include option, This record only, shows only opportunities that are directly linked to the record (ABC Ltd).

Activities Report and Activities Detail Report - Circle Colours

29 Oct 2012

The out of the box Activites Report only shows activites that are regarding Opportunities and Cases.

The report includes an option to show all. This uses the Activities Detail report which includes colour coding against the activities.

By analysing the rdl file for the report the following sets the colour circle to show:


Columns shown in duplicates detected view

29 Oct 2012

The columns shown in the Duplicates Detected windows are based on the Lookup view for the relevant entities.

For the new and potential duplicate records, the columns used in the duplicate detection rule that triggered the duplicate detection are also shown.

For the potential duplicate records, the record status and modified on columns are also shown.

The application does not provide a way to customize the additional columns that are shown.

Updating read-only records such as orders and opportunities

27 Jan 2012

The CRM application does not allow records such as orders, opportunities and invoices that are completed to be editied.

Once an order, for example, is marked as fulfilled it is read-only and the status cannot be changed in the web application.

However, the status can be changed via workflow as described in this CRM team blog:

Customizing Marketing List Views

29 Oct 2012

The CRM application does not allow marketing list views to be customized. However, the views are stored in the savedquerybase table and may in fact be customized.

Firstly, we need to find the GUIDs for the relevant views. There are nine views in total, All, Active and Inactive members for Accounts, Contacts and Leads. Query the table (using SQL Server Management Studio) for these views using:

select * from savedquerybase where name like '%mem%'