User view, Disabled users consuming licenses

Submitted by feridun on Thu, 06/05/2014 - 16:54

You might have seen the view, Disabled users consuming licenses for users and wondered what it means. In CRM on-premise a disabled user does not require a license so what is the view showing.

If you look at the definition of the view in Advanced Find you see an error because Advanced Find can't show the query. Delving in the database, shows that the FetchXML for the query is:

<fetch version="1.0" output-format="xml-platform" mapping="logical">
<entity name="systemuser">
<order attribute="fullname" descending="false" />
<attribute name="fullname" />
<attribute name="systemuserid" />
<attribute name="businessunitid" />
<attribute name="internalemailaddress" />
<filter type="and">
<condition attribute="fullname" operator="ne" value="SYSTEM" />
<condition attribute="fullname" operator="ne" value="INTEGRATION" />
<condition attribute="isdisabled" operator="eq" value="1" />
<condition attribute="islicensed" operator="eq" value="1" />

The interesting attribute is islicensed. I think this field is only set when using CRM Online for users who have been allocated a license in the Online platform. So the view is showing users who have been disabled in CRM but are still allocated a license in the Online platform. So, really if you see any users in this view you are spending money unnecessarily!