Document Management Entities

Submitted by feridun on Thu, 07/20/2017 - 09:05

Record types involved in Document Management

Entity Purpose
SharePoint Site A SharePoint site
Dcoument Location

Point to a SharePoint document library or folder.

These can be created automatically by Dynamics 365/CRM

SharePoint Site

SharePoint site records can use an absolute URL or a relative URL.

For an absolute URL, the URL points to a site collection or a site in SharePoint.

To use a relative URL,you must specify a parent SharePoint site record.

Document Location

A document location record specifies where to store documents for D365/CRM records. Every record has one or more document location records.If CRM is configured for server-based authentication (and perhaps other scenarios) then a document location record is automatically created when a user opens a record and navigates to the documents area.

So, after configuring SharePoint integration, don't expect to see document location records for every record in CRM.