Asyncoperationbase table - operationtype, status code and state code

Submitted by feridun on Mon, 04/27/2009 - 09:29

The asyncoperationbase table stores details of system jobs (including workflows). The following table details some of the different job types that are stored in the table.

operationtype Description
1 System Event
9 Collect SQM data
10* Workflow Operation
12 Update Match Code
25 Generate Full Text Catalog
27 Update Contract States

Note: For entries where the operationtype is 10, there are also related entries in the workflowlogbase table (join on the asyncoperationid field). The CRM SDK lists additional operationtypes.

State Code   Status Code  
3 Completed 30 Succeded
    31 Failed
    32 Canceled
2 Locked 20 In Progress
    21 Pausing
    22 Canceling
1 Suspended 10 Waiting
0 Ready 0 Waiting for Resources

Automatic deletion of entries from this table can be enabled if Update Rollup 3 is installed. Refer to:

- for removing workflow expansion tasks
- for removing completed workflow entries

This article describes how to manually remove entries from the asyncoperationbase table.