Releases and Updates

NOTE: Given the frequency of updates to Dynamics 365 Online I am no longer updating this list.

The following table details updates (depending on version might be called update rollup or service pack) for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. Note that some updates cannot be installed, so a backup before installation is advised. Click on the Build Number for more details.

Dynamics 365 Online Updates:
Dynamics 365 On-Premises Updates:

New naming convention for service updates for Dynamics 365 Online 9.0

Service updates for Dynamics 365 Online 9.0 are now numbered according to the first two digits of the build number. Previously released updates for 9.0.2 have been renumbered as per this convention. So, Service Update 4 ( is now called Service Update 10.

This system means that there will be gaps in the update numbering.

New naming convention for updates starting with CRM 2015

Microsoft changed the naming convention for updates in this article, No more Update Rollups or Service Packs, just Updates.

Build Number

For CRM 2013 onwards, the third number in the build is the same as the Update Rollup number.

A separate set of update rollups is released for CRM 2013 and CRM 2013 with SP1. Confused? See this article

For more information refer to this blog:

For more details on compatibility with other Microsoft products, review this article,

This article shows links for installations, updates and documentation for CRM versions since 4.0.

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