Power Apps Per App

Fri, 2020 02 21

The Power Apps per app Plan gives rights to 2 apps and a portal for one user. The two apps can be model-driven or…

Creating Instances

Mon, 2019 10 07

Under the new storage model Storage Changes…

Changes to storage costs for the Common Data Service

Tue, 2019 04 02

Starting April 1st 2019, a new pricing model is available for storage costs for the Common Data Service (this…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing

Mon, 2017 03 27

Enterprise Apps and Plan 1

Individual Apps (Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service…

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online under Open Licence

Tue, 2015 12 01

The obvious way to purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is via the Office 365 platform and purchase a subscription…

Disabling CRM Users

Mon, 2014 07 21

Users cannot be deleted from CRM, instead user records are disabled.

To remove access to CRM from a user,…

User view, Disabled users consuming licenses

Thu, 2014 06 05

You might have seen the view, Disabled users consuming licenses for users and wondered what it means. In CRM on-…

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Licensing

Tue, 2013 12 03
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and CRM 2015 has the following licence types