Reporting Services - Unable to connect to the remote server

Sat, 2015 07 11

I installed SQL Server 2012 Database services and Reporting Services and selected the option to configure reporting…

Report Error - Select or Execution permission denied

Thu, 2014 06 26

I encountered an on-premises CRM organization where some reports did not run, instead a rsProcessingAborted error is…

FetchXML Field Types in SSRS

Thu, 2014 05 15

When creating reports that use FetchXML, some field types are returned with two fields, the name of the…

CRM Reporting and Data Visualization Tools

Fri, 2014 05 09

Here are some reporting and data visualization tools:

  • SQL Server Reporting Services

  • Power BI…

Report Wizard Colours

Wed, 2014 02 19

The following table shows the colours used for grouping in the Reporting Wizard.

Scheduling Reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Thu, 2013 10 31

Scheduling Reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be configured to run on a…

Custom Sorting in SSRS Reports

Fri, 2013 10 18

To sort rows in a dataset you can choose a column in the dataset in the properties of the tablix or other report…

Quote and Quote Product fields

Fri, 2013 05 17

Quote Product fields

Note: all currency fields have an equivalent field for the amount in the base…