SQL Timeouts and Warnings

On CRM servers, in the Event Viewer you might see warnings similar to the following logged against the MSCRMPlatform source with Event ID 17972

"Query execution time of 84.5 seconds exceeded the threshold of 10 seconds: Thread: 91; Database: CRM Database; Server: SQL Server; Query: query/stored procedure"

Record names not showing in title bar of window

In CRM versions 2011 and earlier, when you view a record it opens in a new windows and the window title is the name of the record as shown in this example.

CRM 2011 window with record name shown in title bar

However, you might find that the record name does not appear, instead a URL is shown like this ('ve obscured part of the URL).

CRM 2011 window with URL shown in title bar instead of record name

Claims-based Authentication Token Expiry

Tokens issued by AD FS 2.0 expire after a default time of 60 minutes. This requires users to be re-authenticated (for internal access) or to sign in again (for IFD access). The token lifetime is set separately for each relying party trust (internal and external).

To check the life time, complete the following steps on the AD FS 2.0 server:

Filter subject keywords setting for Smart Matching decoded

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, tracked e-mails can be linked to the appropriate records using a Tracking Token or Smart Matching. Smart Matching matches e-mails to records based on similar recipients and subject lines. However, noise words such as FW: and RE: in the subject line are ignored.

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