Workflow failing on send email step

I had a problem with a workflow that was failing on a send email step.There was no clear reason as to why the step should fail. The details message of the workflow log had this error:

Cannot create the given type without the required parameters.

Not especially helpful. However, a search revealed that others had seen this issue before and provided a resolution of deactivating the workflow, removing the recipients of the email, saving the workflow and then adding the recipients back,

Workflows that are cancelled

In the definition of a workflow you can set an option to automatically delete workflow logs when the workflow ends.However, if a stop workflow step with a status of Canceled is included then the workflow log is not deleted.

Workflow - Activity Count

When designing workflows, it is possible to test the number of activities (open and closed) against a record (only activities that are regarding the record directly are counted).

The count is available under the Local Value - Process.

There are two activity counts - Activity Count and Activity Count Including Process.

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