Hiding Sections on Forms

One method is to use the physical order in which a section appears on a tab (starting at number 0).

// This hides section number 1 on tab 0, i.e. the second section on the first tab

Hiding navigation items in a form

The following javascript in a form may be used to hide left-hand navigation items. Note that is unsupported because it is not documented in the SDK.

In this example, the navigation item is for More Addresses - replaces navAddresses with the appropriate item.


To display the navigation item use:



Hiding Tabs in Forms

An unsupported method (unsupported because it is not described in the SDK) is available to hide tabs in a form.

Use the following:"hidden";"absolute";

where x is the number of the tab on the form starting at 0. Not sure why both hidden and absolute are needed though.


Modifying Queue Views

Modifying a queue view is not directly supported in the CRM Application. However it is supported as described in this post:


Exported isv.config is empty

In CRM 4.0, in order to customize the application the isv.config file has to be exported. On some systems I've noticed that the exported file does not have the sample customizations.

The sample customizations can be added from the sample isv.config from the SDK.


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