Tracking E-mails error - "The text entered exceeds the maximum length"

You may get the above error when tracking e-mails from the Outlook client. A solution appears to be to change the length of the Message Id (messageid) attribute on the E-mail entity from 100 to 200 or more.

Why this works or is needed, I don't know.


Internal E-mails to Queues are not delivered

This Microsoft article describes a remedy for when internal e-mails to a queue don't get delivered.


Using the CRM E-mail Router with Exchange 2010

The Microsoft articles below describe how to configure the E-mail Router for use with Exchange 2010. Note that Update Rollup 8 is required for this.

Exchange Impersonation needs to be configured for the account used to connect to the Exchange Server to collect mail even if the account used is the Domain Administrator.


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